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Divine Influence International Worship Ministry is an evangelism ministry that is centered around people that are broken, searching, trying to survive life’s challenges.  We are a church where the preached Word and relationship bring healing, comfort, and hope.



Divine Influence is located at 1072 Arlington Road; Jacksonville, FL 32211
Apostle Fred D. Gooden III, Senior Pastor / Minister Sabina Gooden, First Lady


Singleness of Heart $15 – 2 Part Series

Strange Fire $10

Living By the Principles $15 – 2 Part Series


Click Logo to listen to Apostle Fred Gooden 2:00 PM  Monday – Friday.

Divine Influence is a ministry that embodies Christ through love, worship, and revelation.–Our Vision

Divine Influence is a thriving, community church that encourages the body, reaches the lost, and bring life to the broken hearted.  With the grace and love of Christ Jesus, we will awaken and convert the world, one community, one nation at a time.–Our Mission

Love - 1 Peter 4:8; Wisdom and Understanding - Proverbs 4:7; and Integrity - Proverbs 4:20.–Our Core Values